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  1. Thanks for your useful acrtile. One other problem is that mesothelioma cancer is generally brought on by the inhalation of materials from asbestos, which is a dangerous material. It really is commonly found among staff in the construction industry with long exposure to asbestos. It’s also caused by moving into asbestos protected buildings for an extended time of time, Genetics plays a crucial role, and some persons are more vulnerable to the risk as compared to others.

    • More of the Krugman delusion synrdome at work again since the rich pay more than their fair share of taxes…Depends on your definitions.You seem to hold to an idealized notion – or perhaps fantasy – that everyone earns commensurately with what they produce.As a veteran of the low-wage labor sector, I dispute your assumption.At my last formal job, every hourly employee was paid within 20 cents of minimum wage. (Those top earners are lifers there; I am not aware of any raises (other than those explicitly due to increases in the minimum wage) there within the past five years.Employee performance varied widely, yet all were paid within a narrow twenty-cent range. (Some employees were well worth twice minimum wage and some weren’t even worth minimum.)So I am absolutely not buying the theory that people are paid what they are worth.However, from a tax standpoint, the low-wage worker contributes substantially more by being underpaid than he contributes by being paid an appropriately higher wage.What the worker loses by being underpaid, is gained by the employer in the form of profits, which are almost invariably taxed at a higher rate (thereby generating more tax revenue) than the employee’s wages.So the way I see it, I (and my co-workers) have contributed much in taxes; it’s just that most of the taxes were collected off the multimillion dollar profits of my employer, rather than from the minimum wages of the employees – which sucks from the employee’s perspective, but totally rocks from a tax collector’s viewpoint.

    • job to not have to go back to being treated like third class cizinets, and if criminals were given a punishment that reflected their crime they would keep straight, I mean like public flogging or in the middle east where a shoplifter would lose a finger or hand depending on what they stole, lol so under these terms politicians and bankers would be armless

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