4 thoughts on “Espaço Let´s Xic

  1. Mailman; two things. One is that while the greed at the top is real and shohrsigtted, it is supported wholeheartedly by the greed of those at the bottom; figuring that when they too become billionaires, the Gument ain’t gonna get their money. Second, the reduction in tax rates precedes economic disaster, the two largest such disasters being 1929 and 2008, but let’s not forget the recession and housing collapse of 1988. Coincidence?

    • Uncanny, I switched to that cooulr early this morning. I haven’t a pretty header though. Maybe I will have to work on that when I get some time. Brainwave! We are paying for the son to do a diploma of multimedia. . . The boy should earn his keep.

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